Making Your Backyard An Extension Of Your Home

Summer days are coming and narrowing down inspirations for outdoor furniture and accessories might be tricky. Here are a few tips that will help design your space(s):
1. The aesthetic of your indoor space should connect with your outdoor.

(Source: Nooor / Agathe Tissier)

(Source: McKinnon and Harris)

(Source: McKinnon and Harris)

2. Look for pieces that will help you define specific space(s).

Depending on the size of your outdoor space, breaking up the different areas with specific pieces can be helpful in creating a more seamless experience. A beautiful selection of tile under your seating area, a stylish weatherproof rug under a table or even a set of large planters can serve to create focal points for you and your guests to enjoy.

(Source: Southerland "A sectional sofa and cocktail table from Bonetti/Kozerski’s Plateau collection for Sutherland")

(Source: McKinnon and Harris)

(Credit: Michelle Nussbaumer / Douglas Friedman)

3. Maximize limited spaces.

Working with limited spaces can be challenging, but narrowing down what you will be using it for will help you make the right decision for your area. For example, if you have a balcony or a small patio, do you want to be able to sit in the sun, a bed garden, a meditation fountain or even a small table for entertaining friends? This area should be planned around an activity that will get you the most out of this space. 

(Source: McKinnon and Harris)

(Source: Janus et Cie) 

4. Longevity and resilience are key when looking for outdoor furniture.

 Depending on where you live, your outdoor furniture and accessories will have to stand against the elements that come with each season. Consider purchasing high quality furniture such as Janus et Ciel and McKinnon and Harris which already comes with weatherproof materials or try other more reputable brands like Polywood or Sunbrella.

(Source: Polywood)


(Source: Polywood)

5. Add design details.

Search for items that are exciting to you and help you bring your indoor aesthetic outside. Specific tiles, color palettes, textures and accessories like vintage capitals, cast iron urns or boxwood spheres.

(Source: McKinnon and Harris)


(Source: McKinnon and Harris)

Iron Urns

(Source: McKinnon and Harris)

Boxwood Spheres


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